Nova Scotia:

North Shore Hunt 

This hunt is done on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, and you would be hunting Greater and Lesser Scaup, Common and Barrows Goldeneye , three species of Mergansers, and Puddle Ducks, mostly Black Ducks.

This hunt is done during the months of  November and December. We hunt these birds from shore blinds and boat blinds.


Weather conditions range widely here,from 50F to -20F, much like that of Maine, so be sure to bring clothing and outer wear for these temperatures. 

What to bring: 

1) 100% water proof outer wear is a must!! (warm clothing as well)

2) Rubber knee high boots, hip waders, or chest waders

3) Shotguns and ammunition (non-toxic shot ONLY)

4) If you are taking birds or meat home with   you, please bring your own cooler.

5) Camera & thermos, if you choose

6) If you are flying in, you will have to rent a car for transportation while you are here.


Nova Scotia:

Eastern Shore Hunt

              This hunt is done off the rugged Eastern Coast Line of Nova Scotia, and you would be hunting mainly Oldsquaw, as well as three species of Scoters,  and Black Ducks. This hunt is done during the months of November and December as well.   

 Hunting is done from shore blinds, ledges, sink boxes (of our own unique design) or boats.       




Included in both of  the Nova Scotia full package hunts : 

Accommodations, meals, all licenses, all decoys for hunting, experienced guides, boats, and blinds. Cleaning and storage of your days “bag” can also be arranged.

Note: If you have any special dietary requirements, or medical conditions, please advise us when you are booking.


For information on bringing weapons into Canada, and to get your Firearms forms, (these must be filled out ahead of time in order to bring your weapon into Canada ), please contact the Canadian Firearms Centre at 1-800-731-4000 or e-mail  

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